(TCR1145) TCR Alpha F1 Monoclonal Antibody (3A8)

Thermo Scientific
T-cell antigen receptor, alpha polypeptide; T-cell receptor, alpha (V,D,J,C)
Published Reactivity

Human and Yeast

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IHC, IHC-Fr, IHC-P, and IP

8 publications reference this antibody

A TNF-regulated recombinatorial macrophage immune receptor implicated in granuloma formation in tuberculosis. (View PDF)

By Wiebke Möbius, Kerstin Puellmann, Wolfgang E Kaminski, Alexander W Beham, Stefan Schweyer, Arnold Ganser, Michael Neumaier, Johannes T Wessels, Alexei Gratchev, Julia Kzhyshkowska, Heinz Becker, Joseph Keane, Rebecca Laird, Tina Fuchs, Roswita Streich, Caroline Breysach, Dirk Raddatz, Septimia Oniga, Teresa Peccerella, Peter Findeisen, Bernadette Saunders in PLoS Pathogens on 1 November 2011.

PubMed® Id: 22114556 Reactivity: Human Applications: ICC, IHC, FACS, and WB

Identification and engineering of human variable regions that allow expression of stable single-chain T cell receptors. (View PDF)

By David H Aggen, David M Kranz, Adam S Chervin, Francis K Insaidoo, Kurt H Piepenbrink, Brian M Baker in Protein Engineering, Design and Selection on 1 April 2011.

PubMed® Id: 21159619 Reactivity: Yeast Applications: FACS

Structural features of T cell receptor variable regions that enhance domain stability and enable expression as single-chain ValphaVbeta fragments.

By Sarah A Richman, David H Aggen, Michelle L Dossett, David L Donermeyer, Paul M Allen, Philip D Greenberg, David M Kranz in Molecular Immunology on 1 February 2009.

PubMed® Id: 18962897 Reactivity: Human Applications: FACS

Cytotoxic T cells are preferentially activated in the duodenal epithelium from patients with florid coeliac disease.

By Caroline Buri, Philipp Burri, Peter Bähler, Alex Straumann, Beatrice Müller-Schenker, Stefan Birrer, Christoph Mueller in The Journal of Pathology on 1 June 2005.

PubMed® Id: 15880760 Reactivity: Human Applications: IHC

A role for the cytoplasmic tail of the pre-T cell receptor (TCR) alpha chain in promoting constitutive internalization and degradation of the pre-TCR. (View PDF)

By Yolanda R Carrasco, Maria N Navarro, María L Toribio in The Journal of Biological Chemistry on 18 April 2003.

PubMed® Id: 12473666 Reactivity: Human Applications: IP

A reversible functional defect of CD8+ T lymphocytes involving loss of tetramer labeling.

By Nathalie Demotte, Didier Colau, Sabrina Ottaviani, Danièle Godelaine, Aline Van Pel, Thierry Boon, Pierre van der Bruggen in European Journal of Immunology on 1 June 2002.

PubMed® Id: 12115652 Reactivity: Human Applications: FACS

Kinetics of T-cell receptor binding by bivalent HLA-DR. Peptide complexes that activate antigen-specific human T-cells.

By H Appel, L Gauthier, J Pyrdol, K W Wucherpfennig in The Journal of Biological Chemistry on 7 January 2000.

PubMed® Id: 10617620 Reactivity: Human Applications: WB

Immunological study on CD3 defective cutaneous T cell lymphoma cells from a patient with Sézary syndrome.

By S Sano, Y Matsui, S Itami, K Yoshikawa in Clinical and Experimental Immunology on 1 August 1998.

PubMed® Id: 9717967 Reactivity: Human Applications: IHC

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