Coronavirus Research Reagents

This temporary page allows us to start helping researchers immediately by sharing our manually curated preliminary data.
We hope to replace it with our new AI driven data platform soon! For more information see our blog post .

Downloadable resources

A directory of reagents, suppliers and research related to coronavirus, curated by CiteAb. These lists are currently manually collated and will be updated regularly


A collection of reagents including antibodies, proteins, kits & assays, and biochemicals which can be used in COVID-19 research.


2050 reagents, updated on May 20th 2020


Companies who are providing research reagents for COVID-19, and who are keen to hear from researchers with reagent requests.


18 suppliers, updated on May 20th 2020

Labs & Institutions

Research groups who are actively studying COVID-19 and might want to trial new reagents or start collaborations

Coming Soon

A curated collection of recent publications featuring COVID-19 related research, with a focus on underlying biology and diagnostics.


254 publications, updated on May 6th 2020

Get involved! Suggest a reagent, company or research we should add to the list

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