Join our data webinar - 15 October!

Posted by Matt on 29 September.

Your chance to learn about CiteAb data and ask any questions you may have.


New data release: company market share

Posted by Matt on 23 September.

Which antibody supplier maintains the biggest market share?


What are the most cited antibody clones?

Posted by Matt on 17 September.

We take a look at trends in citation rates for over 9000 individual monoclonal clones.


Which are the most cited protein targets?

Posted by Matt on 9 September.

We explore trends in citation data for the top 1000 protein targets.

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Featured antibody

HEA125, Epithelium-specific Glycoprotein, Egp34, EpCAM (CD326); without BSA and sodium azide

Immunohistochemistry? You might want to look at this anti-EpCAM antibody from Biologo.

Custom antibody suppliers 0d008fa26fb5b503fb9d18be28fca674c6a5d8e90d467f8304a881c081dcdc09

Custom Antibody Suppliers

If you can’t find the antibody you’re looking for in our database, why not consider a custom antibody or affinity reagent manufactured to your exact requirements by one of our custom suppliers.

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Why Use CiteAb?

  • We’re the largest!

    We have the biggest database of antibodies and citations, allowing you to search over 2 million antibodies from more than 100 suppliers.

  • We rank by citation

    Our antibody search engine works by using the number of citations as a simple and transparent method to rank antibodies. Nobody can pay to be ranked higher.

  • We’re totally independant

    We are impartial and totally independent from the antibody suppliers, allowing us to focus on finding you the right antibodies for your experiments.

  • One final reason

    We use our database of antibody publications to produce unique antibody market data, income from this data allows us to remain free to list and impartial.