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Should we be concerned about Abcam?

Abcam shares are down 27% since releasing a weaker than expected earnings report at the beginning of March.

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Are you attending AACR 2014?

For those of you attending AACR 2014, we have the low-down on exhibitors you just have to meet!

Posted by Matt on 3 April. Read More →

How do you protect your lab from borrowers?

Here's a couple of our favourite super-serious methods.

Posted by Matt on 26 March. Read More →

Featured antibodies

AML-1/Runx1 antibody (pAb)

ChIP antibodies? This Runx1 Ab from Active Motif has been used for ChIP.

CSF2RA / GM-CSFR / CD116 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)

We list a growing number of Rabbit monoclonals including this anti-CSF2RA antibody from Sino Biological

c-Myc (9E10)

With over 1400 citations, its fair to say that this Santa Cruz Biotechnology antibody is extremely popular.

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