Company to watch in 2016: Boster Immunoleader

This award is focused on fast growing companies that are worth keeping an eye on! We looked at CiteAb citation data from the January - December 2015 period for the company with the largest percentage increase in citations during this period of time.

Congratulations to Boster Immunoleader on winning this award!

In making this award, rather than focusing on those companies that have shown consistent growth over many years, we specifically looked for those up-and-coming businesses which showed significant growth from a very low point - we are excited to see whether the growth demonstrated can be sustained and continued over time.

Dr Andrew Chalmers, Founder of CiteAb, said: “Congratulations to Boster Immunoleader on winning this award - may this be the start of many strong years ahead.

“It is also worth us mentioning others who did well in this category - both NewEast Biosciences and Epigentek showed good growth over the past year, and some slightly bigger companies also worth a mention include PeproTech, Bioworld and Miltenyi Biotech. If we continue to see growth across these businesses in coming years we’re set for some exciting times.”

RUNNER UP: NewEast Biosciences

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