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CiteAb: The Antibody Search Engine

Ranked by citations not money

CiteAb is the largest citation-ranked antibody search engine and provides a simple way to find antibodies that work.

We use the number of citations as a transparent method to rank antibodies. Nobody can pay to be ranked higher.


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The CiteAb Team

Biologists and computer scientists

CiteAb was founded by Dr. Andrew Chalmers (University of Bath) and Dave Kelly (Storm Consultancy).

The hard work is done by our enthusiastic biologists and computer scientists. Matt, Paul, Katrina and Adam deserve most of the credit, or blame!



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Working with CiteAb

What do we offer

We are always looking to list more antibodies from commercial and academic suppliers. There is no charge to list and the process is quick and painless.

A range of other products are also available, including antibody market datasets and the supply of product citations.

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