Biochemical Supplier to Watch in 2023


This award celebrates the supplier growing in the biochemicals field, who may be about to take off in this important market.

Congratulations to TargetMol, winners of the 2023 Biochemical Supplier to Watch Award!

Rebecca Sadler, product manager for our extensive biochemicals dataset, said of the winners: "A massive congratulations to TargetMol for their win in this category! Covering carbohydrates, peptides, lipids, amino acids and much more, this dataset encapsulates many research products that are helping to advance important research around the world. This award shows that TargetMol are ones to watch, growing their share in this popular research reagent market."

The criteria:

At CiteAb we have developed industry leading data collection technology that can identify and understand global reagent use from open-access and subscription-based scientific journals. This data was analysed to determine the supplier with the largest percentage growth in citation count for biochemical research reagents. To qualify, the supplier must have had at least 10 citations in the previous year.

Highly Commended

Biochemical Supplier to Watch in 2023 highly commended:


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