Life Science Market Data

CiteAb is a world leader in the provision of high quality data to the life science industry.

We help suppliers and investment companies make more informed decisions by producing unique, high quality and quantitative datasets. These are based on analysis of millions of scientific publications and provide unique guides to the antibody, biochemicals, kits and instruments markets.

Companies are using our data commercially to:


The most important trends in their market, whether it's countries using more products or changes in reagent use


Their performance against their competitors and understand the drivers behind a company's success or lack of it


Pipeline and licensing decisions by identifying the most important targets and reagents on the market


Product validation by showing the most commonly used applications or species for individual targets, clones or reagents


Marketing initiatives by allowing them to identify the most important institutions for their reagents

In license

Custom antibodies raised by academics and license them to boost their product portfolio

The types of product data we provide include:


Our customers

We are proud to have built long term partnerships with many of the world's best reagent companies; ranging from large multinationals to small focused suppliers. We also work with a number of investment firms.

Novus Biologicals
Millipore Sigma
Synaptic Systems

We have searched/collected data on

We use our understanding of biology and proprietary text mining technology to search millions of scientific publications and identify hundreds of thousands of specific product citations.

6.6m Full text publications
32k Journals
6.8m Reagents
2k Institutions

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