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CiteAb is a world leader in the provision of high quality data to the life science industry.

We help suppliers to promote and sell products by providing citations for their reagents, instruments and software. We pride ourselves in delivering up-to-date, independently verified citations that save you precious time and resources, whilst maintaining the quality of data your customers expect.

Why display product citations

Past citations are one of the most important trust markers scientists look for when making purchasing decisions, and are a fantastic resource to drive sales. They also provide a valuable information source that can be used by your support teams and customers to understand how your products are being used.

The products we provide citations for include:


Our customers

We are proud to have built long term partnerships with many of the world's best reagent companies; ranging from large multinationals to small focused suppliers.

Cell Signaling Technology
Case study Cell Signaling Website

Our partnership with Cell Signaling Technology has enabled them to effortlessly display live citations for their products on their website.

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ThermoFisher Scientific
F1000 Workspace
Bethyl Laboratories

How we collect our citations

Citations diagram

To gather your perfect citations we use our proprietary text mining technology combined with extensive human validation to search millions of scientific publications.

6.6m Scientific publications
32k Journals
6.8m Reagents
2.7m Citations

A range of bespoke services

Product citations

We can provide product citations with publication information in a range of formats, including a real time feed for your website.

Annotated citations

Our premium citation offering includes information on the experimental application, reactivity and dilution used.

Image collection

Let us collect experimental images showing how your products have been utilised within a publication.

Quality checking

We can perform an independent review of your existing citations and annotations, checking for accuracy and reliability.

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